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1. In this section, we will show you a large amount of information of product, such as, product note, new product and different brands introduction.


Does anyone have manual for this product online? Never receiced mine.

User manual

Can anyone post user manual for this doorbell:

How do I use this product?

The product was delivered without instructions, and there is no detailed explanation in your information on how do we make it work on an existing car

Default username?

I notice that this camera has a web interface, but it is asking for a username and password. Does anyone know what the default username is? I've tried

What power supply should be used with this?

If I want to use a wired power supply, what spec does the power supply need to be (voltage, current, etc)?

Будьте осторожны!

Будьте внимательны! Данный товар запрещён для приобретения на территории России. За его покупку, можно получить реальный срок! А то, что его вычислят

use from anywherE?

Can i use this camera from anywhere i go? just i have to be connected to the internet?

dvr not send e-mail

DVR not send e-mail work, cloud app work. settings are ok... account info ok... where i find firmware updates?

RFID Proximity Entry Door Lock Access Control System + 10 Key Fobs

Is there a copy of user Guide / Installation manual for 'RFID Proximity Entry Door Lock Access Control System + 10 Key Fobs'? I wanted to see if I wo


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