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Screen which is synced with android smartphone

Hello everyone. I'm looking for a screen like a very small tv to hang on my wall. I need it to show me notes and the things I have to do everyday. I

GPD is very useful

Really love this micro computer. Very quick delivery to Germany. Looks nice, keyboard is okay, but this kind of laptop is not intended to write novels

I want to make a publicity for your product

Hi My Name Is (Djawed) I'm Youtuber I Play Gameplay And Test High Tech Products And I am very interested in your product (Microphone) and I want to bu

Is this SD memory a true 512GB size?

Have anybody tested, formated and confirmed that this a true 512GB size SD memory? 

per la spina EUROPEA non c e selezione avete disponibile per Italia?

per la spina EUROPEA  non c e selezione  avete disponibile per Italia?

Geeetech A10 versión mejorada?

Es el nuevo modelo que trae el sensor de filamento o soporte para el BLTOUCH? Gracias. Is the new model that brings the filament sensor or support for

Hola personas de TOMTOP, es que tengo un problema con el pedido

Hola personas de TOMTOP, es que tengo un problema, es que pedí un mouse razer hace como 1 mes y nada que me llega el pedido aca este mi Correo Registr


Is it possible to ship to Greece without customs? or write a small price?

Resetting Pin Number

I really need some help and can not get a response.  I need help to reset a pin ID

It does not turn on

They sent me a defective product (the screen does not turn on) although they were slow to send it supposedly because they were checking that there wer


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