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It does not turn on

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Ugee 1910B 19 Inch 2048 Levels Pen display Drawing monitor Graphics Tablets for Mac and PC

2048 Pressure Sensitivity / 5080LPI Resolution / 220RPS Report Rate / 1440* 900 Pixels Resolution

US$ 359.99


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It does not turn on

  • Posted 6 months ago
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Posted 6 months ago 2018-11-29#1

They sent me a defective product (the screen does not turn on) although they were slow to send it supposedly because they were checking that there were no problems with the product.Now to recover my money they tell me that I have to pay for resending the package to China from my country.I ended up losing because I confided in them, I am very disengaged with Tomtop, I messed up the prestige of the great nation of China.Better not risk the same thing can happen to you.

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