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helicute petrel H820hw

where can I get a copy of the manual for this quadcopter  many thanks Ian Jay tel=07779848185

SJ R/C F11 GPS 1080P 5G - did someone received this item?

I am waiting from 14.10.2018 - order "on hold" - did someone received shipping information? Did someone received item?

Use with live microphone in acoustic guitar?

Will this work with the LR Baggs Lyric pickup, which uses a live microphone? I have an Xvive wireless set, which they say will not work with live mivr


Olá queridos amigos, Fiz uma compra do um  monitor para o MJX bujs 3, e até hoje ainda não recebi, agradecia que me informassem por favor, muito obrig

Game save?

Does this console have save game function?

MJX X708P - no app connection

This very fine drone does not connect to the app - and then it is fine no longer. It connects via Wifi to the phone as it should, but the app does not

Confirmation of drone functions and spare parts.

Hello, I wonder if this drone performs follow-me functions and waypoints ?? I ask why it's written in the red ad header, but it does not appear in the

C-Fly Dream Drone - no english manual

Today I received the C-Fly Dream. It lloks fine and seems to be well made. Looks like a Spark replica up to the details. But I can not fly it because

Goolrc X12 RC Drone

Is it real ?

H216A DESIRE Hubsan X4 Pro FPV 1080P HD WiFi camera.

Only after 3 months noticed that the packaging says camera 720p. I bought H216A DESIRE Hubsan X4 Pro FPV 1080P HD WiFi camera. So? Deception?


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