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Ariived Ok. Works fine.

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Ariived Ok. Works fine.

  • Posted 3 years ago
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Posted 3 years ago 2018-10-25#1

I am very impressed with H96 Pro + it is so much faster than my old android box. I like that it has Android 7.1. I enjoy watching my movies, IPTV and using kodi. I am so happy that I don't have to update android. I really like that H96 Pro+ has 3 GB of Ram and 32 GB of storage. There is nothing bad about this android box so far, I have had it for three going four days and I can not find fault with it. I got it on sale at Back to School sale which was a bonus for me. I highly recommend it to everyone that wants a exceptional android box, H96 Pro + is one of the top 10 Android boxes. Delivery was very fast and I am very impressed with TOMTOP as a company and I will be buying more from them. I want to get a new cell phone but I am going to wait till around Christmas time.


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