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Great price ,great drone

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Hubsan H501S X4 5.8G FPV 1080P HD Camera RC Quadcopter with GPS Follow Me CF Mode Automatic Return Function

5.8G FPV / 1080P HD / GPS / Follow Me / One Key Return / No customs / we will dispatch the proper plug according to your address

US$ 229.99


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Great price ,great drone

  • Posted 3 years ago
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Posted 3 years ago 2018-09-25#1

Very pleased with this drone.....its functions are very reliable, especially the return to home function, this works very well and most often is very accurate, it does not land exactly where it took of from but is within 5 metres. also the headless and follow me modes are very useful and easy to switch on and off. the control distance is very good , i have got to 254 metres high and 410 metres a away. fail safe function is often very accurate and reliable, it has always returned to base if it has lost its connection to the transmitter. This is a bargain price so nab it fast. thank you Tomtop for the fast and free shipping. the FPV screen is also fairly good, it does flash and stutter a bit, but is useful for the detail it tells you. also the battery life is very good, it sure does last for 20 mins! very good, i have 3 battery's in total so can fly up to an hour!!I FULLY RECOMMEND THIS DRONE!

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