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nomu s10 pro

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NOMU S10 IP68 Waterproof 4G Smartphone 5.0 Inches

Android 6.0 OS/ Quad Core MTK6737 / 2GB RAM 16GB ROM /2MP 8MP Dual Cameras

US$ 122.99


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nomu s10 pro

  • Posted 14 days ago
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Posted 14 days ago 2018-01-08#1

Very excellent! If grading all my phones I’ve owned, AGM X1 would be 8, BV8000 Pro be 7.5, and my latest iPhone 8 would be 9, and this phone would also be 9. Very cool and strong! That’s why I bought them both recently. I just couldn’t miss any of them. About the remaining 1 point, I would say it always for the coming better, even if I don’t know if there will be.

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