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Review and Navi concerns

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8inch 720P Car GPS Navigation Multimedia Player

8inch Large Touch Screen 720P Car GPS Navigation Multimedia Player 2 Din Display Upgrade Special Design for Ford Mustang 2015 2016 2017+Free Map +Free Card

US$ 318.83


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Review and Navi concerns

  • Posted 4 years ago
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Posted 4 years ago 2019-02-27#1

I installed this unit into my 2018 Mustang GT a few weeks ago. It works fine and there is not a compatibility issue, even though the product description says it only fits and works with up to 2017 models. That being said I would not recommend installing this unless you are tech savvy and have done car audio installs before; there is some cutting of the factory inner console components that is required as well so have a pro do this if you are uncomfortable. The guide was all but worthless but I watched several YouTube videos and got the just of how to install this unit. The unit works pretty well, sometimes it is buggy and the radio stations will change for no reason and the Navigation is not as easy is it it in most systems, and I am concerned about map updates, but it is better than nothing. For the price I am satisfied but anyone interested in this should be aware that this is a knock off, of a more expensive and better quality knock off factory Mustang radio.  And another concern is that Navi Extras (iGO) will not support this GPS and provide map updates as the license file is a crack and this device is not registered with them at all. So if map updates are important to you you should probably pass on this unit.

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