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Primitive Technology: Forge Blower

What the heck this guy went strait from the Stone Age to the Iron Age! Ain't got no time for bronze

Please Pay Attention on This. Normal U-Disk? Don't be Treated by its Appearance.

In fact, it is Mini U-Disk DV Camera! So, this is a new generation of mini digital DV with a ultra-mini U-Disk body, a high-definition digital vi

Did you know who she is? where did you see her?

Welcome to your commets

Let Me Show You Some Interesting Things Which You Never See Before

Six Unbelievable Magic That Everyone Can Do

You can fool your friends anywhere with these fantastic magic tricks. Enjoy!!!

Never Forget Our Classical Game. Super Mario Bros

Do you still remember games you ever played when you are child? Expect your comments

How to Convert Your Normal Bike to Pedelec Bike?

Can you believe this device can convert normal bike to electric bike?  Do you how this device do work? welcome to comments

Amazing Homemade Inventions

maybe, you also can do this

You can guess what it is.

Sometimes, we will be annoyed about inflating our cars, or bicycle. With this equipment, you can inflate your car easier.

8 Insane Machines That Will Blow Your Mind

our builder worker may will lost their jobs in the future, I guess.


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